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Videos en YouTube: ONTHEGROUND – Role Of The Observer [NCZ006RP]

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Berlin-based duo ONTHEGROUND which consists of Myztical and Diagenetic Origin, is about to release ‘Role Of The Observer,’ their follow-up to last year’s debut EP ‘Touching Higher Ground’. This record is a snapshot of their creative development and hard work which took them at least a year to put together.

The A Side takes up where the last year’s EP left off, establishing a template of industrial pummelling techno with a focus on irresistible, broken groove. A1 ‘The Power Of Prayer’ is a powerful banger – droning synths and dislocated samples build up the anticipation, before massive kicks drop and propel the tension onwards. A2 ‘Controlled By Faith’ is similarly destructive on the dancefloor, a bundle of rasping, dirty rattles that drive on relentlessly in funky delirium.

The B Side delves into the darker, more elusive recesses of the duo’s creativity. On B1 ‘Ancient Cycles,’ distorted rumbles morph over pattering, primordial percussive patterns. B2 ‘Role Of The Observer’ ratchets out a heady mesh of fragmented, disorientating textures over frantic, propulsive beats.

Track list:
Power Of The prayer
Controlled By Faith
Ancient Cycles
Role Of The Observer

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